Bill 106 Passed 2nd Reading on October 7th, 2015!!

CCI Toronto is pleased to announce that the 2nd Reading of Bill 106 - The Protecting Condominium Owners Act (including the Condominium Management Services Act) was passed on October 7th by a unanimous vote of the Ontario Legislature (vote was 88 – 0). The Bill has now been ordered to the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee (a Standing Committee) to hear further from stakeholders from across Ontario.  After these hearings, the government will consider the suggestions and recommendations and make whatever changes to the Bill it deems necessary.  Then Bill 106 will go back to the Legislature for 3rd Reading and if passed then Royal Assent will be granted (note that the Bill does not become law until it has been proclaimed, which will be after the Regulations have been drafted and approved).  

Committee hearings will be scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. The joint CCI/ACMO Legislative Committee will be attending these hearings to provide comments and is also in the process of preparing a Brief of its comments and suggestions on Bill 106, which it will be submitting to the Ministry shortly.  We invite everyone to submit comments to this committee at

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