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CCI Toronto Education

Level 300 - Reserve Funds - May 9, 2017
Level 300 - Financial Management - May 16, 2017
Level 300 - People Issues, Mediation/Arb - May 23, 2017
Level 300 - Case Study Discussion Session - May 30, 2017
Level 101- Introduction to Condos - June 13, 2017

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Changing Demographics in Condos - June 1 , 2017

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Our next event will take place in Summer 2017  
This networking event is open only to condo directors who have signed up to take part in the FREE CondoSTRENGTH program.

Your Condo Connection to Education

Highly recommended for the condo board, unit owners, or others involved in the condominium community.

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Solid Waste Management Presentation from PM Expo (PDF)