Newsletter of the Year - Past Winners


Newsletter of the Year  2018
YCC # 382 - Presented To: Thelma Bean and Peter Leon

Newsletter of the Year  2017

TSCC #2176 - Presented To: Desmona Cole, Kalianda Chan and Margaret Heilig

Newsletter of the Year  2016

YCC # 0362 - Newsletter Committee Members: Ruth Fluxgold, David Froud, Harriet Isreal , Mike Shahnazar and Shenaz Tolat.


Newsletter of the Year  2015

YCC # 0336 - Presented to: Pierre Fournier, Cynthia Abbott and Maeve Davis   

Newsletter of the Year  2014

YCC # 0362 for the gold award – Presented to: Mike Shahnazar, Shirley Bar – el, Ruth Fluxgold, Harriet Israel and Phyllis Elfan

YRCC # 0618 for the silver level – Presented to: Lynda Leaf and Laura Holliwell

PCC # 0388 for the bronze level award.

Newsletter of the Year  2013

 PCC # 0199  Presented to: Jennifer Brooker and Axel Dudezki 

Newsletter of the Year  2012

YCC # 0288 - Presented to: Cathy Yeung, Jerry Aznavourian and Dr. Nick Saidi

Newsletter of the Year  2011

Swan Lake - Presented to: Ken McKenzie, David Cooper, Arthur Dickinson, Gary Pennington, Sue Dickinson, Audrey Buckeridge, Sherrill Pennington, Vida Bridgeman and Clarice Henschel

Newsletter of the Year  2010

PCC # 0199 - Presented to: Axel Dudezki, Celina Ferreyra and Avril Kriek

Newsletter of the Year  2009

PSCC # 0688 - Presented to: Dennis Kirstine and Nabil Mustafa

Newsletter of the Year  2008

TSCC # 1849 - Presented to: Val Taylor, NinaMorris, PaulMariai, DaveMilne, Tara Pollard and Miriam Preszler

Newsletter of the Year  2007

YCC # 0510 - Presented to: Ulla Colgrass,Jennifer Barber, Dieta Zuppinger, James Russell, Douglas Dempsey and Leah Lambert

Newsletter of the Year  2006

MTCC # 0595 - Presented to: Gerald Hess, Dave Churchill and Mike Wychara

Newsletter of the Year  2005

Swan Lake - Presented to: Margery Brown, Gary Pennington, Sharon McFarquhar, Lloyd Schneider, Sherrill Pennington, Mary Egli, Audrey Buckeridge, Vida Bridgeman, Phyllis and Gerry Griffiths

Newsletter of the Year  2004

TSCC # 1541 - Presented to: Iliana Arapis

CCI Toronto's First Ever Newsletter of the Year  2003

Algoma Condominium Corporation # 0013 - Presented to: Cathie McClelland and Todd Sterling. Directors made the trip from Elliot Late, Ontario to attend the CCI Toronto Annual General Meeting to accept their award.