CCI Toronto Committees

CCI Toronto Committee Mandates

Communication Committee

Mandate:  The aims of the Communications Committee surround the publication and circulation of the chapter’s award winning, quarterly Condovoice magazine and to utilize social media and the chapter’s website as a means for members of CCI-T to access resources and for others to learn more about CCI. 

Current Initiatives / Recent Accomplishments:  The Communications Committee has been focused recently beyond print distribution of Condovoice through the production and circulation of podcasts that complement print articles and the electronic distribution of the magazine’s archive, including through Apple News Stand.  The Communications Committee is in the midst of developing and circulating social media campaigns to draw attention to CCI-T and its resources for condominium directors, owners and residents and continuing to host regular Twitter chats on topics of interest to all involved in condominiums.

CondoSTRENGTH Committee

Mandate:  To provide condominium directors with a forum to learn from and with one another through the development and circulation of on-line resources, facilitating the hosting of director networking events by local condominiums and developing forms of recognition to encourage and promote successful condominium communities.  The CondoSTRENGTH program has been developed for directors, by directors as an additional benefit of membership to CCI-T condo members and is designed as a grassroots program that empowers condominium directors to come together and share.

Current Initiatives / Recent Accomplishments:  The CondoSTRENGTH Committee is currently encouraging condominium directors to participate in the program by sharing success stories that can be added to the on-line toolbox of program resources and interested condominiums to consider hosting director networking events.  Condominium directors who have overcome challenges or otherwise have experiences that other directors may benefit from learning about are encouraged to take part

Conference Committee

The ACMO/CCI-T Conference Committee is established for the sole purpose of organizing an annual condominium conference promoted by ACMO and CCI-T in the Toronto Area during November of each year. The Conference provides seminars addressed to condominium directors and property managers, although other target audiences may be included. The Conference Committee organizes topics, speakers, seminars, the conference format, location, facilities, budget, exhibitors’ trade show, sponsors, attendees, preparation of brochures, the conference booklet, the on-site program, meal arrangements, hotel arrangements, advertising, promotion and financing.

Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to provide education several levels of director focused courses and through doing so, enhance the development and understanding of condominiums for unit owners, boards of directors and others.

Our goal is to educate…. through courses, seminars and networking all designed to equip condominium directors, homeowners and interested individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct the affairs of a condominium  corporation in a proper and diligent manner.

Participation in these courses is highly recommended for all condominium directors as well as owners who want a better understanding of the way condominiums function.

Legislative Committee

The mandate of the Legislative Committee is largely twofold:

  1.  To review and analyze the provisions of the Condominium Act, 1998 and its regulations (the ‘Act’) and collaborate with various groups, including other CCI Chapters and stakeholders, in order to produce and present to the Ontario government a brief of suggested recommendations and amendments to improve the Act, and working with the government to implement them.
  2. To keep abreast of other legislation that could impact on the Act, condominium law and the condominium industry in Ontario, and report to the Board of Directors appropriately.
Membership Committee

The mandate of the Membership Committee is to expand the membership of the Association. The Membership Committee shall establish programs and strategies to promote growth and maintain membership.

Special Projects Committee

To organize and present information seminars of specific interests, special value, and educational empowerment for the benefit of members concerning most timely, current issues, concerns and developments.

Networking Dinners

To create and nurture an environment where through networking and experiences, problems and situations facing all condominiums are shared by their respective members, united for the purpose of free exchange of ideas and solutions.

Volunteer Resource Committee Mandate

To recruit volunteers who will support and promote CCI-T and participate in the needs of the many Volunteer Committees.  To match volunteer’s skill sets and experience with the specific needs of each committee. Ensure that volunteers are not overtaxed with participation on too many committees without proper support to ensure continued volunteer support.  Recognize the special efforts and participation of the large volunteer base of CCI-T through various and repeated annual events.

Develop an orientation program for new volunteers.

The above Committee Mandates are available for downloading and printing in PDF Format.

Committee Members 2018/2019

Membership Committee

Chair: Vic Persaud
Members: Chris Antipas, Brian Antman, Ryan Griffiths, Robin Klem, Brenda Hooper-Rowland, and Doug King

Conference Committee

Co-Chairs:  Sally Thompson and Audrey McGuire.
Members: Tania Haluk, Brian Horlick, Murray Johnson, Dean McCabe, Catherine Murdock, and Robert Thackeray. 

Education Committee

Chair:  Tania Haluk
Members: Joel Berkovitz, John Devellis, Bob Girard, Patrick Greco, Nancy Longuiera, Megan Mackey, Richard Pearlstein and Sally Thompson

Legislative Committee

Chair: Armand Conant
Members: Francesco Deo, Tim Duggan, Deborah Howden, Lyndsey McNally and Victor Yee

Communications Committee

Chair:  Marc Bhalla
Members: Brian Horlick, Warren Kleiner, Sue Langlois, Joy Mathews, Megan Molloy, Jason Rivait and Alex Young

Government Relations Committee

Chair: Armand Conant
Member: Mario Deo

Special Projects Committee

Chair: Ernie Nyitrai
Members: Bob Girard, Brian Horlick, and Dale Kerr.

Volunteer Resource Committee

Chair: Murray Johnson
Members: Dale Kerr, Mo Killu, Sue Langlois, Ernie Nyitrai and Ashley Winberg

CondoSTRENGTH Committee

Co-Chairs: Marc Bhalla and Ernie Nyitrai
Members: William Choi, Pam Churchill, Justin Dyer,  Mo Killu, Josh Milgrom, Connie Pappas-Bocchito, Les Shernofsky and Bill Thompson

Finance Committee

Chair: Brian Antman
Member: Bob Girard

Marketing Committee

Chair: Sue Langlois
Members: Marc Bhalla, Patricia Elia, Tania Haluk, Steve Ilkew and Vic Persaud