The President's Club: The Board - "The Call of Duty"
Monday, October 18, 2004

  • Time: Registration: 6:30 p.m., Seminar: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Location: TSCC 1498: New York Towers, Liberty Club Facilities, 3 Rean Drive, Toronto, ON (Bayview and Sheppard Ave. E.)
  • Registration Fees: Members: $30.00 + GST; Non-Members $40.00 + GST

An absolute 'must attend' seminar for all concerned Presidents and Directors.

Condominium Presidents and Directors of all types of condominium corporations will benefit from the opportunity to hear essential, practical and meaningful information.

Back by Popular Demand...

This seventh in a series of unique seminars continues to review the role and enhance the performance of a Board President or Director.

To serve on a condominium Board as President or a Director takes a special kind of person. A unique blend of leadership skills, community values and the ability to get along with all types of people is essential in order to gain the respect of the community.

Ideally a condominium Board of Directors would be made up of a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, an insurance specialist and, of course, a mediator! However, in reality a board is made up of ordinary volunteers trying their best to serve their community and deal with the huge range of issues that affect the lives, homes and investments of their neighbours.

To make the task easier, the Canadian Condominium Institute is presenting the seventh in a series of popular Presidents' Club seminars. Earlier sessions have covered issues such as 'Welcome Packages', 'Enforcement of the 3 P's', 'Elections and Removal', Standards of Care', 'The Difficult AGM' and more. This seventh session will examine "The Board" ­ including the Role of the Director, Recruiting new Directors, Meetings, Communication and Fiduciary Duty.

Our Qualified Speakers at this Seminar include:

  • Steve Willerding
    CCI Director and Past President
    YCC #244
  • Linda Kardum
    Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP.
  • John McMillan
    Barrister & Solicitor
  • Laura Lee
    Prompton Real Estate Services
  • Gerrit Roosenboom
    President, CCI National

Why Should You Attend?

A unique opportunity to hear top professionals and experienced Board members speak on and share their Board experiences.

A great opportunity to network with other condo board members and hear about problems other boards face as well as the solutions that have worked for them!!

Informative handouts will be provided to all participants.

Here's A Sample of What You'll Learn...

Experienced Condo Director, Gerrit Roosenboom will discuss the Directors Role and will also offer tips on how best to recruit and retain future directors.

Condo Lawyer, Linda Kardum, will examine Directors Meetings. She'll discuss, not only the legal requirements of various types of meetings, but director responsibilities and practical tips as well.

Property Manager, Laura Lee, will examine the all important issue of Communications. Communication between Directors, with Management and, of course, with Owners can make all the difference for an ideally well-run model corporation.

What are the liabilities and legal implications of serving as a director? Condo lawyer, John McMillan, will outline what every director ought to know when accepting their new position.

Video Presentation

Excerpts of CAI's* informative video entitled 'The Board' will be incorporated into the evening's agenda.

Panel Discussion

The second part of the session will be devoted to small group discussions. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss any of these topics more specifically with the presenters. An informal question and answer period will also be provided as time permits.

*Community Associations Institute (United States)

New York Towers ­ Liberty Club 3 Rean Drive, Toronto, Ontario (416) 987-6184