CondoStrength: Condo Board Meetings

June 22, 2021

12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

These monthly meetings are extremely important to your condo community.  Quite often they aren’t being run as effectively and efficiently as they could be.  The key is to keep these meetings concise, on-topic, relevant and collegial.

Join us at our next CondoStrength event led by two CCI Toronto Board members: Eric Lakien, a seasoned Condo Director (whose condo won the Condo of the Year in 2017, and Condo of the Decade in 2020),  and Bob Girard, Condo Board President for over 25 years and Retired Property Manager, as they go through tips, tricks, and ways to help you run an effective board meeting.

A well-run board of directors will make for happier residents and a community that people are proud to call home.  Don’t miss it - register now!

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