Division, Distrust, and Disruption: Condo Board Meetings Gone Awry

October 23, 2020


12:00 - 1:30 PM

Everyone experiences conflict at various points in their lives, but conflict in a Condo Board reaches outside the boardroom and has the potential to affect everyone in a Condo Community. Directors run for their Boards to serve their Condo Communities, but sometimes they have different visions – and those visions can clash. This can result in endless meetings, deadlocked discussions, and deferred decision-making, so how can a Board prevent and manage this conflict? And what happens if a Board member is not actually acting in the best interests of the Community? What can be done when conflict cripples a Board?

On October 23, 2020, CCI-T held the webinar Division, Distrust, and Disruption: Condo Board Meetings Gone Awry to help Condo Owners and Directors learn tried-and-tested strategies for managing conflicts, how to focus discussions and manage big egos and personalities in meetings, and tips to ensure good decisions are made by the Board. Speakers Maria Dimakas of Fine & Deo Condominium Lawyers, Karen King of King Condo Management, and Alexander Ramirez of CondoHarmony Inc., along with moderator Megan Mackey of Shibley Righton LLP, discussed Director vs. Owner conflicts, hard-to-spot conflicts like Directors acting in their own interest, and Directors’ fiduciary duty to ensure that conflict is resolved and does not adversely affect the Corporation.

The well-attended webinar included a video of a conflict-ridden Board meeting and an extended Q&A section, which prompted a diverse range of questions from attendees. Attendees provided positive feedback about the session, including:

“As a director for over 10 years, and having listened to many webinars over the past months, I found this both professional and informative. It was good to get some additional tips and references but also gratifying to know our 3 boards in our complex and the highly skilled management team have provided us with sound policies and processes.”

“All speakers were excellent. This webinar is perhaps the best I have ever attended, both in subject matter and speakers.”

“Conflict should and can be dealt with through open and professional communication, and a solution-based approach.”

“The examples provided by the speakers and the 3-minute video of Budget Meeting decision!”

Thank you to the expert speakers and to all the attendees for participating in a constructive and informative webinar, which produced relevant and useful information for everyone.


Megan Mackey
Shibley Righton LLP

Maria Dimakas
Fine & Deo
Condominium Lawyers

Karen King
King Condo

Alex Ramirez
CondoHarmony Inc.

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*We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in financial hardship for many people. If you are a CCI member and feel you are not currently in a position to contribute the registration cost for this webinar but want to participate in this educational opportunity, please send us a quick message to be accommodated at no cost (space permitting).