Townhouses - The Whole Nine Yards

September 22, 2020


12:00 - 1:30 PM

Townhouse condos have different needs and challenges than high-rise condos. These include common elements such as roofs, attics, and siding, small communities and budgets, and, often, self-management of the corporation. Townhouse owners have been asking for a seminar dedicated to their unique concerns, and on September 22, 2020, CCI-T held the Townhouses - The Whole Nine Yards webinar to help address their unique issues.

Speakers Richard Pearlstein of Northcan Property Management Inc. and Stefan Nespoli of Edison Engineers Inc. joined moderator Joel Berkovitz of Shibley Righton LLP to delve into Townhouse owners’ and directors’ concerns regarding their properties. They reviewed the definitions and implications of unit boundaries, discussed management of the physical property, addressed maintenance of and responsibility for common elements, planning and budgeting for major projects on a small budget, Section 98 agreements, and unique governance and communication needs.

The webinar was unique in that 50% of attendees had never attended a CCI-T event. Attendees had very positive feedback about the session; some of their comments included:

“Good recognition that townhouses are very different from high rise condos”

“Speakers were well versed on subjects covered”

“Well done. I also learn[ed] a great deal from the Q&A session.”

“I enjoyed all of the information and did not find anything with no value”

Thank you to the expert speakers and to all the attendees for participating in a wide-reaching and informative webinar, which produced relevant and useful information for everyone.



Joel Berkovitz
Shibley Righton LLP

Richard Pearlstein
Northcan Property
Management Inc.

Stefan Nespoli
Edison Engineers Inc.

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*We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in financial hardship for many people. If you are a CCI member and feel you are not currently in a position to contribute the registration cost for this webinar but want to participate in this educational opportunity, please send us a quick message to be accommodated at no cost (space permitting).