Introduction to Condos

With upcoming expected changes to condominium legislation in Ontario, CCI-Toronto is currently reviewing and updating all of our course materials. Dates and locations for future courses will be announced as details become available.


Topics covered in this course will include:

Getting Started

  • Condominium terminology
  • History of condominiums
  • Types of condominiums

Property Management

  • Self-Management
  • Direct Hire
  • Property Management Contract
  • Best Practices of Governance
  • Responsibilities and the Board’s Role

Director Responsibilities

  • The Act, Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Policies
  • Enforcement of Governing Documents
  • Meetings
  • Owner Expectations, Communications and Complaints

Planning, Financial and Other Responsibilities

  • The Annual Plan
  • Money and Banking
  • Cheque Signing
  • Financial Statements
  • Status Certificates
  • Reserve Funds
  • Insurance
  • Legislation Affecting Condominiums

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