CCI Education Videos

We are pleased to present CCI - Your Condo Connection, a video series touching upon an array of topics of interest for those involved in - or thinking about becoming involved in - condominium communities.

Season Three - Now Available!

Topic Guest Date of Circulation
Top 5 Responsible Neighbour Tips Tania Haluk
Air Flow - Weather Stripping, Odours, Cooking Sally Thompson
Suite Seasons - Seasonal Change Over Paul Belanger
Balconies - BBQ's, Cigarette Butts Mo Killu
Feeling Violated - Right To Enter Denise Lash
Condo Security Quintin Johnstone
Fire Safety In Condos Michele Farley
What Can I Change/What do I own/Illegal Reno Ashley Winberg
Leasing My Unit /Airbnbs Joy Mathews
Pets - Owner and Non Owner Rights Stan Morris

Season Two

Topic Guest Date of Circulation
What is a Condo? Patricia Elia
Why Should I Attend the AGM? Brian Horlick
What do Condominium Boards Do? Yehudi Hendler
What Does the Manager Do? Bob Girard
Rule Enforcement Audrey Loeb
What Do My Monthly Fees Cover? Park Thompson
Condominium Liens Maria Durdan
Debunking Low Fees in Condo’s Mario Deo and John Warren

Season One

Topic Guest Date of Circulation
Why Live In a Condo Murray Johnson
The Right Fit Lisa Kay
Owner Roles and Responsibilities Bill Thompson
Interpreting Status Certificates Armand Conant
Understanding Condo Finances Brian Antman
Smooth Moves – First Day Richard Pearlstein
Where Do I Go For Help Bill Thompson
Fitting In Sue Langlois
Balancing the Needs of the Community Marc Bhalla
Who Makes the Final Decisions Ernie Nyitrai
Reserve Funds Sally Thompson
How Do I Make My Condo Great Vic Persaud


Filming of Season One


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