Season 2 Videos

Board Management Relations

Panel: Stefan Nespoli, Andrea Lusk, Robert Weinberg, David Di Lella

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Be Kind

Panel: Natalia Polis, Lyndsey McNally, Ben Rutherford, Patrick Greco

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Release Date:
Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Condos in 2020 - The Future is Here

Panel: Francesco Deo, Sue Langlois, Josh Milgrom, Tania Haluk

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Release Date:
Friday, April 10th, 2020

Sustainable Communities

Panel: Nancy Longuiera, Suneel Gupta, Justin McLarty

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Release Date:
Friday, April 17th, 2020

Short Term Rentals

Panel: Luis Hernandez, Brad Chaplick, Carol Dirks, Caroline Graham

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Release Date:
Friday April 24th, 2020

The Cost of Curb Appeal - Pros & Cons

Panel: Farzad Lahouti, Ashley Winberg, Christina Ajith, Sabine Grimes

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Season 1 Videos

Unit Owner Insurance 

Moderator: Tania Haluk       Presenters: Deborah A. Howden, Tom Gallinger, Vic Persaud

Owners Meeting Best Practices

Moderator: Alex Young       Presenters: Megan Molloy, Katherine Gow, Brian Horlick

Keeping the Community Informed

Moderator: Sue Langlois       Presenters: Joy Matthews, Jason Rivait, Pam Churchill

Harassment in Condos

Moderator: Lyndsey McNally       Presenters: Maria Durdan, Connie Pappas-Boccitto, Mario Deo

Passing and Enforcing Rules

Moderator: Warren Kleiner       Presenters: An Nguyen, Tim Duggan, Laura Lee

Major Projects

Moderator: Josh Milgrom       Presenters: Maria Dimakas, Sally Thompson, Murray Johnson