Volume 22, Issue Number 3, Spring 2017

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Condo Etiquette

Condo Etiquette is a regular Condovoice feature whereby condo residents, owners and directors can share their thoughts on a variety of common (or not so common!) condo etiquette situations. For this issue, we asked readers:

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Our Favourite Social Events:

What is your favourite condominium community social event and why?

1. Annual barbeque
Give unit owners a chance to get together socially and to share their food – our event is potluck. We always have it the evening after our AGM so there is no tension or stress. – Susan R.

2. Year-End Holiday Party
My favourite condo community event is the year-end holiday party. This get together gives all our fellow condo dwellers the opportunity to meet and greet each other in a semi-formal or formal gathering in the spirit of one big family. Considering the busy schedule of people I think everyone must attempt to attend this event, feel happy and meet the fellow condo dwellers and endeavor to foster friendship, harmony and joy and enjoy condo dwelling life to the fullest. – Ben S.

3. I Don't Have One
I do not have a favourite social event at my condo as I am not that interested in socializing with my neighbours. Don't get me wrong, I exchange friendly greetings in passing, hold elevators and stuff but am not that into becoming "buddy buddy" with everyone as I worry it will wind up with people knocking on my door or interfering with me living my life. – Anonymous

4. Red Red Wine ...
My favourite social events are the ones where they have wine. – Harry B.

5. Events That Include Everyone
I think that the best events at my condo are the ones that involve everyone. Fireside chats, wine and cheeses, etc. can get boring and cater more to certain groups within the community. We have an annual Halloween gathering that welcomes kids and grown-ups. I like it because it has something for everyone. – Anonymous

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