Volume 22, Issue Number 1, Fall 2016

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Condo Etiquette

Condo Etiquette is a regular condovoice feature whereby condo residents, owners and directors can share their thoughts on a variety of common (or not so common!) condo etiquette situations. For this issue, we asked readers:

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Share Your AGM Experience:

What advice would you give to someone who is preparing to attend their very first Annual General Meeting?

Advice for Directors

1) Keep it simple! Have your auditor explain your financial position. Have your barrister or management company chair the meeting. Write an AGM script and give it to people who will speak to the owners. - Steven V.

2) Listen and try to relate to what you hear. - Marc B.

3) Be prepared to expect many different opinions. - Gavin D.

4) a) Come prepared b) Be forthright, don't BS, admit if you don't know c) If you promise action, follow up. Give timing - Sandy D.

5) You cannot please everyone so don't try to or you risk coming off as disingenuous - Anonymous

Advice for Owners

1) Expect the worst, hope for the best! - Anonymous

2) Take advantage of your opportunity to ask questions but appreciate that others may wish to as well. Don't hog the floor! - Gerald D.

3) Come prepared to listen (no cell phones/chatter with neighbours)

a) Don't be shy – Ask questions
b) Ensure you understand the answers
c) If actions are promised, get a clear answer on timing and how information will be disseminated - Sandy D.

4) Think before you speak - John V.

5) Don't be surprised if your neighbours revert to schoolyard behaviour! - Anonymous

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