Volume 21, Issue Number 4, Summer 2016

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Condo Etiquette

Condo Etiquette is a regular condovoice feature whereby condo residents, owners and directors can share their thoughts on a variety of common (or not so common!) condo etiquette situations. For this issue, we asked readers:

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Elevator Etiquette: What is the worst thing someone can do or say in an elevator? Tell us your views on inappropriate elevator behaviour.

1) Getting off the elevator on a lower floor (2, 3, 4 ) and pushing all the remaining floor buttons – knowing that someone gets off on an upper floor. Enjoy the ride! – John G.

2) When a pet owner allows their dog to defecate in the elevator and walks away without cleaning it up or notifying the building cleaning crew for assistance. It is irresponsible and disrespectful. – Mirella L.

3) Standing too close to others when there is plenty of space; Trying to touch other people's pets without asking permission first; Blocking the button panel or the door, so that others cannot select their floor or enter/exit easily; Holding the door by physically holding it open instead of using the button as this can cause maintenance issues; Pressing both the up and down button when waiting for the elevator is annoying to those in the elevator who get stopped at your floor and you don't get on; and most of all….the "fart and leave". – Andrea B.

4) Holding elevator doors open while carrying on conversations with other residents. – Ellen M.

5) I find it most annoying when someone listens to loud music when riding an elevator, forcing everyone else to hear it. This is especially the case if they are listening to a catchy tune that you then cannot get out of your head! – Anonymous

6) "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!" – Evonne A.

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