Property Management Issues

There's a Form for That (Fall 2018)
New Forms Mean More Cohesive and Educated Communities
By Jason Rivait and Joy Mathews

Reduce Costs With Electronic Notice Delivery (Fall 2018)
Mailing Out One Notice can Cost a Thousand Dollars
By JJ Hiew

It's Gonna Be Ok: A Round-Table (Summer 2018)
Property Manager's Vacations And Licensing Re-Set
Moderated By James Russell

The Last Word (Summer 2018)
Shared Facility Expenses
By Vadim Seagal

Condo Of The Year (Summer 2018)
New Standard Lease Form
By Alex Young

The Wild West Of Condo Technology (Spring 2018)
An Interview With Digi-Notice's Sanjay Madgal
By Sue Langlois 

CPTED In Condos (Spring 2018)
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
By Scott Hill 

Keeping Them In The Loop (Spring 2018)
Addressing A Lack Of Transparency And Communication
By J.J. Hiew 

Condo Management In The Digital Age (Spring 2018)
How Technology Has Impacted Management Principles
By Lyndsey Mcnally 

Licencing of Condominium Managers (Summer 2017)
A Board Member's Perspective
By Ernie Nyitrai

Condominium Manager Licensing (Spring 2017)
Regulation Is Coming To Ontario
By Dean Mccabe

The Importance Of Communication (Spring 2017)
By Naz Kanji

Preventing Water Damage in Townhouses (Fall 2016)
One of the Easiest Ways is to Educate Owners and Residents on How to Prevent It

It Takes Two to Tango (Fall 2015)
Communication Tips
by Lyndsey McNally

Do You Really Need to Dismiss the Management Company? (Fall 2011)
by Alan Rosenberg

Don’t Keep the Home Fires Burning (Summer 2011)
by Laura Muirhead

Surviving the G20 and Other Emergencies (Winter 2010)
by Laura Lee

Tips for Managing Your Condominium in Poor Economic Times (Summer 2009)
by Scott Newhouse

Choosing a Property Management Company (Spring 2009)
by Vicki Vancas

Major Contract Management (Winter 2008) 
by Donna Farr

Management Agreements - A Different Wrinkle
by Alan Rosenberg

ACMO 2000 - A Condominium Standards Program for Future of Condo Living

Board/Management Relations
by Bill Thompson, BA, ACCI

The Board/Manager relationship can certainly have its challenges. As author Bill Thompson points out, how well it works is really up to you. What you get out of it is directly related to what you put into it. Five governing principles are examined to ensure a successful relationship.

Condominium Housekeeping - In House Vs. Contract (Winter 2003)
By: Rene Zacek
An overview of key considerations which should help condominium corporations make the right decisions for the optimal solution of their housekeeping arrangements.

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Professional Manager (Fall 2003)
Reprinted, with permission from the CCI Manitoba Summer 2003 magazine

Why hire a professional property manager at your condominium community? Here are the top ten reasons!

Condo Telecommunications Wiring (Summer 2001) 
by Rudy Fliegl, P.Eng., M.Eng., Fliegl Engineering

An in-depth transcript of a presentation given by Rudy Fliegl at CCI's seminar on telecommunications held in April 2001. The article covers such issues as:

  1. broadcasting distribution regulations
  2. constraints on competition
  3. the inside wire and demarcation point
  4. bulk buying of condo services
  5. what can boards negotiate on behalf of owners