Financial Matters

Financial Transparency And Building Trust (Spring 2018)
Audited Financial Statements Must Be Included In The Agm Notice
By Allan Bishop 

Condominium Audited Financial Statements (Winter 2017)
Reading And Deciphering The Warning Signs
By Edmund Leong 

To Inflate Or Not To Inflate (Winter 2017)
(That Is The Question)
By Ken Dearlove

Document, Document, Document (Winter 2016)
Confusion Over Auditors’ Documentation Requirements
By Edmond Leong 

When Shortfalls Occur (Winter 2016)
Condo Corporation Loans Can Provide A Positive Solution
By Murray Johnson & Paul Pittana 

Understanding the “Ins and Outs” of ITCs (Fall 2016)
Input Tax Credits are Governed by Some Basic Rules That Ensure The HST Meets The Objectives of a Value-Added Tax

Collecting Common Expenses (Summer 2016)
Making Difficult Decisions
by Tina Flinders

HST and Condominiums (Winter 2015)
Asking the Right Questions Makes all the Difference
by Rainer Vietze

FRAUD!! Eyes Wide Open
Awareness and the Concepts of Fraud Should be Continually Evaluated (Summer 2015)
by Edmund Leong

The Cents Per Square Foot Myth
A Cautionary Tale (Summer 2015)
by John Warren

Not For Profit Status for Condominiums
How the CRA Looks at Condo Corporations (Spring 2015)
by Armand Conant and Joel Berkovitz

Back From the Brink
Recovering From Fraud (Spring 2015)
by Sandy Steffen

Benefit Costs Us $6 Million (Spring 2014)
Pressure to Change This Electricity Pricing Inequity
by John Oakes

The Tarion Online Portal (Winter 2013)
by Kevin Brodie

Super Suite Victory Double Taxation Protection (Fall 2013)
by J. Robert Gardiner

BUDGETING - Focus on the Future (Spring 2013)
by John M. Warren

Accuracy in Audited Financial Statements (Fall 2013)
by John M. Warren

Financial Health: What Does it Look Like? (Summer 2012)
By John M. Warren

Financial Controls In Condominiums – Time To Evaluate Your Corporation! (Spring 2012)
by Stephen Chesney

HST and Residential Condominium Corporations (Spring 2011)
by Glen MacMillan

Property Taxes: Paying Your Fair Share – And Then Some! (Spring 2011)
by Armand Conant

Double Taxation Avoided (Spring 2011)
by J. Robert Gardiner

Cover Your Assets (Spring 2011)
by Bill Thompson

Non-Emotional Budgeting – A Possibility (Fall 2010)
by Laura Lee

Condominium Short Cuts – Don’t Go There! (Fall 2010)
by John M.Warren

Home Renovation Tax Credit: Time to Spend has Expired - 
Now the Paperwork Fun Begins!
 (Spring 2010)
by Armand Conant

Keep the Cash Flowing - A Management Systems Perspective (Winter 2009)
by Bill Thompson

HST Implementation Measures - Prepayments (Winter 2009)
by Brian Antman

Budgeting for the Harmonized Sales Tax (Winter 2009)
by John AbedRabbo

And the Price is… (Winter 2009)
by Mary Kahn

Fair Taxation for Condominium Taxpayers (Winter 2009)
by Herbert Taylor

HRTC and HST (Summer 2009)
by John M.Warren

Condominiums and Municipal Taxation (Spring 2009)
by Ernie Nityrai

Condominium Accounting and Audit Guidelines (Spring 2009)
by JohnWarren

Condominium Fees - How Low Can They Go? How High is Up? (Winter 2008)
by JohnWarren

Condo Financing Options for an Environmental Retrofit
by Graham Banks

Getting “Buy-in” to something “New” (Winter 2007) 
by Peter de Jager

An Investment Plan is a Good Investment (Winter 2007)
by Greg Holohan

Avoiding Double Taxation for Common Amenity Units
by J. Robert Gardiner, B.A. LL.B., ACCI, FCCI
A summary of an effort to establish an industry-wide precedent to avoid double taxation on both a Guest Unit and a residential unit in a condominium community.

The Myth of Cents Per Square Foot (Spring 2007)
by John Warren, CA
Using this calculation to compare condominiums is like using a chain saw 
to sculpt a copy of a famous statue.

Working With a Professional Financial Advisor (Spring 2006)
by Greg Holohan
Great returns are not the only concern in Reserve Fund investing; safety and liquidity are far more important considerations.

Communicating Financial Issues in New Condominiums (Fall 2004) 
by John Warren, CA

The total of increased operating costs and required increased in reserve fund contributions can often necessitate significant increases in second year budgets of new condominiums. A wise Board will break the news to the owners as soon as possible. Communication cannot be stressed too often or too much.

How to Relieve the Tension when your Ontario Condo Faces a Cash Shortfall (Summer 2004) 
by Lisa Kay

If the new reserve provisions in the Condominium Act, 1998 are a good thing, why is there so much tension in the air? Industry experts estimate that up to 40% of Ontario condominium reserve funds are inadequate. Three available options: to defer, to assess or to borrow are examined in this article.

Assessing Condominium Corporate Assets for Property Tax (Winter 2002)
By Howard Colt BA, CRA, MIMA

Drawing upon both the Condominium Act and the Assessment Act, author Howard Colt challenges the current thinking of what is assessable with respect to condominium units and how condominium properties should be valued for the purposes of municipal assessment and taxes.

Special Assessments and How Can Your Realtor Help Protect You? (Fall 2002)
By: Dorothy Pestell

Author Dorothy Pestell takes a look at a unique scenario where a special assessment occurs during the purchase process and examines how a skilled realtor can help protect the buyer.

Long Term Financing for Condominium Corporations (Spring 2002) 
by Robin V.J. Scott, Corpfinance International Limited

What happens when your reserve fund study reveals that your corporations reserve fund is underfunded? Author Robin Scott provides details of one option - long term financing.

Special Assessments: General Budget Procedure (Fall 2001)
by Craig Robson LL.B., MCarter Grespan Robson Bynon Thompson LLP

This article looks at the reasons for special assessments and the steps boards must take to ensure that they are following the proper procedures set out in the corporations bylaws to levy and collect the assessment. The benefits of keeping the owners informed throughout the process are also examined.

Investment Planning for Condominiums (Spring 2001)
by Russ Bennett, Investors Group

One topic the new Bill 38 addresses is banking and investment management. This article will provide a brief review of the legislation, the management practices the bill implies, reserve fund investment planning and reasons these changes will improve condominium ownership.