Condominium and Industry Profiles

Condominium Profile: Applewood Landmark (Fall 2018)
The Second Try's the Charm!
By James Russell

Condominium Profile: Massey Square (Summer 2018)
Twelve Board Members With A Single Vision
By James Russell

The Greatest Canadian Condo (Spring 2018)
Tscc 2231, Discovery Condominium, Wins Locally And Nationally
By James Russell 

Communication Is Key At Skyview (Winter 2017)
Communication Elevates Skyview-On-Yonge To A Level Of Excellence
By James Russell 

The Condominium Authority of Ontario (Fall 2017)
Administrative Authorities Protect Consumer Rights & Public Safety
By Tom Wright & Armand Conant 

A Landmark of Excellence (Fall 2017)
The Board of the Landmark III is Waaaay Ahead of the Curve
By James Russell 

Q&A With George Bernashawi (Fall 2017)
by Steve Ilkiw

They Put Four Turbines on the Roof! (Summer 2017)
The Board of the Grange Embarked on a Journey That No Other Board Dared Begin
By James Russell

Alphabet Soup (Spring 2017)
Common Acronyms You Should Know

Concourse To Co-Operation (Spring 2017)
Working Together Leads To Success For Villa Giardino
By James M. Russell

Interview: Presidential Insights (Spring 2017)
By Steve Ilkiw 

Where Did All Our Money Go? (Winter 2016)
The House That Dripped Money
By James Russell 

CONDO PROFILE: The Neptune (Fall 2016)
A New Hydro Booster Water Pump System and an LED Retro-Fit Will Pay for Themselves in Less Than Two Years

The Condo of the Year- Quarter Finalist (Summer 2016)
Skymark 1
by James M. Russell

The Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Spring 2016)
Walden Pond
by James M. Russell

Alphabet Soup (Spring 2016)
What Does the RCM Designation Mean?

The Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Winter 2015)
Johnsview Village
by James M. Russell

Alphabet Soup (Winter 2015)
BSSO Designation by Ontario Building Envelope Council

The Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Fall 2015)
Camargue II, Everything Old is New Again
by James M. Russell

The Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist
Promenade Park II, a Rainbow-Like Oasis (Summer 2015)
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist
Living in Clark Gables and Mary Pickfords (Spring 2015)
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Winter 2014)
The Marquis is Masterfully Designed
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Fall 2014)
Skyview-on-Yonge – an Oasis of Caring and Beauty
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Summer 2014)
The residents of the Grange are always on the sunny side of the street
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist  (Spring 2014)
A Grand Beginning for West Harbour City 2
by James M. Russell

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist - The Crown West (Winter 2013)
by James M. Russel

Condo Hotels (Fall 2013)
by Jason Rivait

Condo of the Year Quarter Finalist (Fall 2013)
The Rtiz-Carlton
by James M. Russel

GAME CHANGERS - An Interview with Howard Bogach (Winter 2012)
by James Russell, with Mario Deo

Condo of the Year – 2nd Quarter Finalist (Winter 2011)

CONDO OF THE YEAR – 4th Quarter Finalist (Summer 2011)
Quantum 2 North (Q2N) - TSCC #1965

CONDO OF THE YEAR – 3rd Quarter Finalist (Spring 2011)
YRVLCC - Ballantrae Communities

MTCC #1053, Palace Place

CONDO OF THE YEAR (Summer 2010)
Edengrove Beach, Durham Condominium Corp #87 & #96

CONDO OF THE YEAR (Spring 2010)
TSCC #1791 - A Turnaround Story

The Masters YCC 266 (Winter 2009)
Condo of the Year - The Masters, Y.C.C. 266 at 288 Mill Road, Etobicoke

Manhatten Place MTCC 595 (Fall 2009)

Harbourside YCC 510 (Summer 2009)
Something for Everybody, Created By Everybody!

Condo Design Trends…and Existing Condos (Summer 2009)
by Stanley Kedzierski and Bev Moroz

Two Aberfoyle Crescent MTCC 1398 (Spring 2009)
Condo of the Year Award - Third Quarter Finalist MTCC 1398 - Two Aberfoyle Crescent

The Royal Arms Condo MTCC 1195 (Winter 2008)
Condo of the Year Award - Second Quarter Finalist The Royal Arms Condos, MTCC 1195

The Six Types of Condo Directors (Spring 2008)
by Michael E. Le Page, R.C.M.
Directors are usually a very diverse group - read on.

Cultural and Social Diversities Enrich Condominium Living
by Aimin Li, Ph.D.
Diversity in a condo community can be an asset, not a liability, when an open mind is used to deal with problems.


DCC #156 in Bowmanville (Summer 2002)

"When DCC #156 decided that installing an awning over their front entrance way was the perfect solution to slippery and icy conditions, they didn't realize how much effort would be involved to implement the change. Follow the process they went through to ensure that section 97(3) of the new Act was followed - which allows for a Corporation to make an addition, alteration or improvement to common elements".



The Matrix at 361 and 373 Front Street West (Spring 2002)

"Read how these Cool, Connected and Certainly Cosmopolitan buildings promise to not only change Toronto's landscape but to better the downtown living environment!"



Gates of Guildwood (Winter 2001) 
MTCC #873

"Floor Captains are Unique Volunteers - In this building a network of volunteers known as floor captains serve a variety of purposes from acting as a welcoming committee to new residents to providing feedback to the board of directors on various issues."



Lynwood Lane in the Park (Fall 2001)
PCC #115

"Visit a corporation where community spirit is considered to be the pillar of their strength. Various committees working together ensure a spirit of friendship and fellowship in this building. As a result of the board working diligently with management over the years, a recent reserve fund study revealed that Lynwood Lane had a fully funded reserve fund. Truly unique!"



Loft Living ... Absolute Lofts (Summer 2001)
by David Mendel, Simerra Property Management, MTCC #1354

A profile of Absolute Lofts located in downtown Toronto. Also discusses how buyers should protect themselves when buying condominium conversion projects which are not covered by the Ontario New Home Warranty Program and its guarantees.



Paradise in Wasaga Beach (Spring 2001)
by Gary Bevan, President of Simcoe Condominium Corp. #105

A profile of Marineer's Walk Development in the Town of Wasaga Beach ... here's a profile of a 'resort condominium' with surprisingly similar problems as those experienced by some condominiums in Toronto.